Veteran Program

Attracting and Assisting
Our Nations Heroes

The VOP is a core element of our identity, reflecting our commitment to giving back to those who have served and creating a pathway to continue serving the DoD with your exceptional skills and dedication. Each month, we speak with hundreds of veterans and transitioning service members specialized in networking, cloud, cyber, data and mission operations, training and preparing you for a job with INflow Federal.

The Veteran Outreach Program (VOP) at INflow Federal is more than just a recruitment initiative; it’s a dedicated platform to help veterans and transitioning service members. Each month, we engage with hundreds of veterans specialized in networking, cybersecurity, data, and mission operations, offering them not just training but a pathway to meaningful employment with INflow Federal.

Understanding that the transition from military to civilian employment can be challenging, we recognize the gap that often leaves skilled veterans waiting for opportunities post-separation. At INflow, we’ve seen firsthand the unparalleled skills developed in the military and the difficulty veterans face in translating this expertise into civilian roles. This insight spurred the creation of our Veteran Outreach Program – a commitment to bridging this gap.

Our program is not just a service but a tribute to our military heroes. We connect with transitioning military personnel, bringing their skills in engineering, networking, cybersecurity, data analytics, and mission operations into alignment with our organizational strengths. This focus ensures that INflow is positioned to assist service members in the most effective way possible.

We reach out to hundreds of veterans monthly, including those who have already separated or are more than 12 months away from separation. This approach has enabled us to build a consistent pipeline of some of the world’s most qualified personnel. The VOP is not only about helping veterans transition but also about enriching our workforce with their unmatched expertise and experience.

What is the Veteran Outreach Program?

Giving Back