We know there is no “one size fits all” approach to solving complex problems in the enterprise environment. But we are confident in our ability to understand the issues you face, strategizing and solving your mission critical challenges with the right solutions to address the current and future needs of your program and overarching business objectives.

INflow regularly evaluates emerging technologies and stays updated on key agency objectives. We operate on the basic principle of lessons learned applied to ensure we constantly evolve the delivery for our employees and customers.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Network Engineering and Support

With our team of experienced and certified engineers, INflow Federal contributes to the architecture, configuration, operations, and maintenance of some of the warfighters’ largest mission critical networks. Our solutions and services are centered and tailored around you, ensuring that you have the ability to focus on what’s most important – your mission.

We have a strong history of adaptability and expertise with a multitude of support scenarios spanning from installations to incidents and outages while being conscious and capitalizing on emerging technologies and methodologies. Our cleared and industry certified personnel is armed with the knowledge necessary to respond promptly to any situation thrown at them.

Cloud Architecture and Engineering

We understand that constructing a cloud architecture is much more than developing a blueprint and roadmap – it also must encompass business requirements and processes while meeting all necessary regulatory constraints.

We have performed in 24×7 mission critical environments with numerous key stakeholders, supporting the migration of 40+ applications and core infrastructure such as software-defined networking (SDN), enterprise shared services, and security tools.

With the addition of our strategic vendor relationships, INflow is able to culminate a solution that is modular and bespoke to the mission in any cloud or hybrid-cloud environment.

Cyber Operations

Zero Trust and Edge Security are more critical today than ever before. Having a sophisticated cybersecurity program is no longer a choice, but a requirement. Strategy and planning are critical phases to a proper cyber transformation. To effectively transform your security infrastructure requires a proactive team who regularly evaluates new technologies and stays updated on emerging cyber threats.

Our team is well experienced in planning and executing large-scale end point security implementations for large scale SOC modernizations and supporting 24/7 operations for End Point Threat Detection and Incident Response.

We ensure you are equipped with modern cybersecurity solutions to keep you smarter than the threat – that is the only way to keep our nation safe.

Data, DevOps, Analytics

Your data is only as good as the capabilities of what you are able to do with it.

In order to get a holistic enterprise-wide view of the data and gain true, actionable business intelligence from it, environments of all sizes must be leveraging predictive analytics. Data can come in all forms and sizes, so staying on top of the latest innovative technologies, tools, libraries, and resources is a must.

We are experienced in some of the most cutting-edge technologies available today – utilizing vendors and engineers to provide machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation to critical environments.

Mission Operations

With extensive military subject matter expertise, INflow Federal brings experience both as leaders and operators in training, operations, and readiness in the Armed Forces. We bring extensive knowledge across Force Application, Force Protection, Battlespace Awareness, C/4 Cyber and Logistics. Evaluating the context of strategic guidance, missions, tasks, threats, capability requirements/gaps, capability solutions, resources, science and technology, various risks, and the trade-space of requirements, capabilities, and resourcing.

We provide robust services for the Joint Warfighter Concept, Cross branch Capability Gap Assessments, Joint Military capability development, Joint Warfighter capability assessment, Joint concept strategy and Joint Data Support Analysis Services for Future Force planning. Tasks include identifying and recommending priority gaps aligned to capability and key competitive advantages and disadvantages contained in current strategic documents such as the National Military Strategy, Joint Warfighting Concepts and their subordinate or supporting concepts. These prioritized gaps serve as candidates for additional studies and analysis, modeling and simulation, or exercise and war-game candidate topics.

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