We Understand the Big Picture

Every year, the United States government spends billions of dollars on
protecting and defending our nation through the use of technology-
everything from proper maintenance of systems to the implementation
of next generation customized solutions. The investment you’ve made to
optimize efficiency across your enterprise is huge. We understand that
without a passionate team to support these initiatives, the ROI will be a
negative return. That’s why our customers continue to come back to INflow. 



It’s about networking.

– Network Design and Engineering
– Voice and Unified Communications
– Mobility & IOT
– IT Service Management

Keep your head in the clouds.

– Cloud strategy and Architecture 
– Cloud Migration
– DevOps and Automation
– Optimization


Understand your risk.

– Cyber Architecture and Engineering
– Endpoint Integration
– Incident Response
– Cyber Operations

Mitigate the risk.

– Information Assurance
– Assessment and Authorization
– Governance and Compliance
– Risk Management


Do something with that data. 

– Artificial Intelligence
– Data Architecture
– Analytics and Data Warehousing
– Data Management

Managed Services.

– Subscription outsource models
– Organizational Change Management 
– Customized workforce solutions
– Support for critical contract awards